Server Rules

This is our official server rules. Please read! Ignorance does not protect against punishment.

  1. Golden Rule
    Treat others how you expect to be treated. Be cool, kind, and civil. Treat all members with respect and express your thoughts in a constructive manner.
  2. No Harassment
    No harassment, abuse, or bullying. We have zero-tolerance for harming others. No racist, sexist, or otherwise offensive hate speech.
  3. No Cheating
    No abusing server privileges or using exploits of any nature.
  4. No Spam
    No self-promotion or advertisements. This includes unsolicited references and links to other social media, servers, communities, and services.
  5. Family Friendly
    No sexual, NSFW, or otherwise explicit content.
  6. Common Sense
    Rules are subject to common sense. These rules are not comprehensive and use of loopholes to violate the spirit of these rules is subject to enforcement. These rules can be modified at any time and enforcement is at the discretion of the server moderators and staff.

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