Note:  The server for this modpack is a whitelisted server as we are still in development.  If you'd like to apply to be a part of the build team, please click here.

1. Download the twitch desktop app: and install.

2. Click the Mods tab.

3. Click Minecraft.

4. Click Browse All Modpacks.

5. Type "Acleatara" in the search field.

6. Click Install.

7. Download Optifine for 1.12.2 here:

8. Right click the Acleatara Modpack and click Open Folder.

9. Place the Optifine JAR file into the "mods" folder.

10. Click Play.

11. Ensure the Minecraft Launcher reads "Acleatara". That's it your done, enjoy.

Ermahgerd... it keeps crashing!

1. Stay Calm.

2. Open Twitch and click the drop down in the top right hand corner.

3. Click Settings.

3. Click Minecraft.

4. Scroll down to Java Settings and move the slider to around 6,000 MB and click done.

5. That is it. Start the game.