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What is Acleatara?

Acleatara is a modpack and a server for Minecraft. It is a medieval fantasy themed RPG world. Here are some of the things you can expect to experience in Acleatara: Quests, Challenging dungeons, PvP battlegrounds, three separate player classes, Custom modeled weapons, An economic system, Professions, and much more to come!

How to join

Currently the server is white listed as we are still in development! After installing the modpack, we highly recommend adding Optifine to your mod folder.


Install Curseforge

We recommend downloading the standalone version.

Search for the Acleatara Modpack

In the Minecraft Modpack section of Curseforge search for "Acleatara".

Update Your Settings

We highly encourage you to go into your Curseforge settings for Minecraft and add the following to your Additional Arguments
Enter: "-Xmx10G".

You will need at least 10 GB of ram to use this setting.
Story about Acleatara

Coming soon.

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